Comparison of selected Django admin themes

Selection of Django admin themes put into comparison table to provide overview of supported features and administrative tasks

License MIT MIT CC BY-NC 3.0
Pricing Free Free Free/$45
CSS Framework Tailwind CSS Bootstrap Bootstrap
GitHub Stars 1K 1.5K 2.3K
Live demo -

Themes features comparison

Customisable sidebar check check close
Dynamic sidebar menu badges check close close
Customisable branding check check close
Customisable dashboard check close close
Fieldsets as tabs check close check
Modals instead of popups close check close
Custom button actions check close close
Custom date/number filters check close close
WYSIWYG editor check close close
Dark mode check close close
Responsive check check close
Environment label check close close

*Just a heads up, that comparison table might be off. Sorry for any confusion. If you spot problems, hit us up in the contact form below. We're fixing it up, so bear with us.

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