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Advanced Django admin theme

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Compose Django admin interfaces
with Unfold theme

Created for Django developers to efficiently compose stunning Django administration panels, solving most common UI/UX problems at the same time.

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Tech stack

High-quality admin theme build with modern tools

We prepared a set of repositories providing some best examples and development practises when it comes to Unfold implementation


Seamless AJAX interactions between the browser and server, using HTML attributes to make interactive applications.

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Lightweight JavaScript library that enables declarative and reactive DOM manipulation using an intuitive syntax.

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Utility-first CSS framework that provides a set of pre-defined classes to rapidly build customizable user interfaces.

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Theme features

Features boosting Django productivity

Carefully crafted features & components already included in the default application to make the Django admin shine


Sidebar configuration

Advanced sidebar configuration for menu items, separators, titles and icons.


Dashboard support

Create custom dashboards without overriding complex Python classes.


Advanced actions

Multiple options how to add custom buttons with approriate actions.


Color schemes

Change Unfold visual color scheme matching your branding and product.


Dropdown filters

Choose a filter option from comfortable dropdown element instead of full list.


Built-in WYSIWYG

Apply WYSIWYG editor to textarea without any third party application.

GitHub repositories

Ready to start developing admin interfaces?

We prepared a set of repositories providing some best examples and development practises when it comes to Unfold implementation

More examples in the Formula project

Checked the whole documentation but still not sure how to do integrate some features? We open-sourced our demo site which can be checked for all examples on GitHub.

Check Formula project on GitHub arrow_right_alt

Turbo - Django & Next.js boilerplate with Unfold

Do you like learning by building? We created Django & Next.js boilerplate called Turbo which helps you bootstraping the whole project in few seconds with Unfold already integrated.

Check Turbo project on GitHub arrow_right_alt

Let's work together

Did you decide to start using Unfold in your application but you need help with integration? Feel free to get in touch for consulting or development services.

  • verified Save time and focus on what matters: building product
  • verified Get instant access to the know-how pool and experience
  • verified Supercharge your development processes and quality of application
  • verified Incorporate custom Django applications into Unfold

* The cost of service starts from €375 EUR.

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